KatKoyn How To

How to do certain common tasks, and problems to consider

Importing a Key

To use KatKoyn from a paper wallet, it is necessary to import the private key into the client software.

Your paper wallet should have two sections - a public key (which is the KatKoyn address) and a provatye key (which is what you will use to import or add it to the client software).

  1. Download and install the software.
  2. Wait for the software to download the blockchain, and ensure it is up to date. (May take several hours).
  3. Open the debug console. In the graphical versions, this is in the File menu - something or what
  4. Type importprivkey XXXXXX - replacing XXXXX with the private key from the paper wallet. Note this MUST be entered exactly as shown, and it is case sensitive.
  5. Wait. Probably for a lot longer than you might think. Although it appears nothing happened, the software is scanning the entire blockchain to locate transactions for your particular address. This will take a long time, as there are literally millions of items to check.
  6. If still not finished, then just wait longer.
  7. Eventually, the balance in the software wallet will be updated with the additional coins, and the paper wallet address will show in the 'addresses' list. You should now make a backup of the wallet.dat file, and preferably keep at least two copies on totally separate devices. At this point, the paper wallet address still contains all of the KatKoyns. However as soon as you send some or all of it to another address, the paper wallet will most likely be totally empty - any 'change' amount will be in the software wallet in another hidden address, and NOT in the paper wallet.

    Updated 27 January 2023. Contact / impressum