KatKoyn: digital currency themed on cats.

The original KatKoyn, running it's own blockchain since 3 January 2014. There are no tokens here.

This coin was previously known as Nyancoin, and has used certain rainbow related artwork since it's inception 9 years ago.

In January 2023, the owner of that artwork requested that it be removed, and this request has been complied with.

Nyancoin is now known as KatKoyn. The blockchain is unchanged, as are all previous transactions, addresses, wallets and network operations.

The majority of the websites and artwork have been updated. External websites will still refer to Nyancoin until they are updated by whoever maintains them.

What this means

New community discussion available now

New Telegram group: t.me/katkoyn

New Reddit: r/KatKoyn/

In summary, this is just a change of name and appearance. Nothing has been lost, everything from the last 9 years is still valid.

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